Cats vs Dogs …The battle continues!

02 Play 4 PawZ 2016 Cats vs Dogs

#PawZ2016 just wouldn’t be the same without its signature event, the age old battle of Cats vs Dogs.

Held during our Gears of War section we devote an hour of this time to this event. Dogs are in the lead 3-0, can #TeamCat claw it back and get a win this year or will #TeamDog slobber over their hopes once again? Tune in on Twitch to find out!

This year we’re adding an extra twist in the tail, We want you to take part in a few games with us …but who will you fight for, #TeamCat or #TeamDog?

We’ll run the first three matches as normal for the title but for a ‘bonus point’ we’ll finish off the hour getting as many of you guys in alongside the team as we can, the overall team winner of these matches after the hour finishes will get a point, maybe it will be 5-0, 3-2 or 4-1 only you can help decide!

To join in message us on twitter choosing one of the following:

Team Cat
@Reign187 @Play4PawZ @xReviveMeFoolx @MadDogMalcs I want to pound the pooches and fight for #TeamCat in #PawZ2016

Team Dog
@MadDogMalcs @Play4PawZ @Reign187 @xReviveMeFoolx I want to cream the kitties and fight for #TeamDog in #PawZ2016

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