We Did It!

Play 4 PawZ 2016 We Did It!

24 hours, so much fun, laughter and all for two amazing charities! Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored, donated, contributed and played, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Final totals at the end of the livestream:
$2,088.59 First Coast No More Homeless Pets £364.56 The Animal House Rescue

It’s not too late to enter the prize raffle, we’ll be taking donations right up to an hour before we start for a chance to win one of our amazing prizes donated by our sponsors and supporters. Full list here! Of course you can still donate after that, you just won’t be entered into the raffle.

To donate to First Coast No More Homeless Pets (US) please click HERE
To donate to The Animal House Rescue (UK) please click HERE

The final total will be announced in our prize stream which starts in just 20 hours time! Please join us whether you have donated or not for more fun when we’ll be playing open lobbies in one of the games from the event!

For now it’s goodnight and a huge thanks from everyone at the Play 4 PawZ team!

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