Welcome to the PawZ team Loryat!


We are extremely proud to announce and introduce everyone to our newest team member Loryat.

Loryat’s main role will be looking after our forum posts within the varoius communities as well as helping out with the wordpress site and event organisation.

Welcome behind the scenes of Play 4 PawZ Loryat, we shall call you number four (spoken in Picard’s voice of course). Ahead are time consuming projects with no monetary pay, you’ll meet great people, as well as feeling a sense of family and accomplishment. We are more than happy to have you on board. Buckle up, the SS Play 4 PawZ is about to set sail!! 
A brief bio
Loryat is a keen gamer and community member, he’s been into Rocket League and Overwatch since they both launched but his main game is and always will be Gears. He is a key member of The GFC (Gears Forum Community) moderation team looking after the website/forum and helping with the community events. 
When it comes to charity work Loryat is all about giving and takes satisfaction in knowing he helped make a difference in others lives. His talents include being Canadian, making YouTube videos, images and being an all around good guy. 
Lets make him feel welcome, don’t forget to say Hi everyone! Here are some ways to contact him:

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