In The Beginning

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For most of us our love of animals starts at an early age. Maybe it was a neighbors dog or cat, maybe it was a working dog on the family farm or growing up with your own pet at home. No matter how or why you fell in love with the animal kingdom it touches your life in ways many don’t understand.

If you’re anything like me you can’t stand to see any animal suffer. I’ve wanted to make a difference since I was very young. Being a vet was always my dream as a child until I visited a veterinarian clinic as a young girl. It made me realize, even at that young age, that I was just too damn soft to be a vet. That every story didn’t have a happy ending. That no matter what I did I am not God. I can not save every animal in my care or take the hurt from a family that has lost their furry family member. That realization was too much for me.

Veterinarians are special people that can save a life or fail and continue on to save another life. Most vets have a love for the animals and have pets of their own that they love. I myself would grieve hard for every single animal I lost. Why am I telling you all of this? Because this is the very reason I founded Play 4 PawZ.

After the visit to the veterinarian as a child I gave up on being a vet. Of course I still loved my furry friends but I was completely over the idea of being a vet. I grew up and became an adult with a longing to help the animals but no idea how to make the type of impact I wanted to make. Then came GzB (GearZ and Beers).

In October of 2012 I joined GzB. They were hosting a charity event called Pink Lancers Fight Cancer. This gave me the idea of doing a charity event to help rescues save precious lives. It was to be a live 24 hour Gears gaming stream on Twitch to raise money for First Coast No More Homeless Pets. Bumble8eeTuna (our beloved GzB Founder) was 100% behind the idea and thus Overrun for Paws (later rebranded as Play 4 PawZ) was born.

In the years since together we have raised THOUSANDS of dollars for First Coast and The Animal House Rescue (UK). When I say we I mean every single person that has ever been involved with or supported Play 4 PawZ in any way. There isn’t one tweet, shout out, or the smallest donation that hasn’t made Play 4 PawZ what it is today. Every life we have helped save is because we have ALL banded together in one way or another. It takes all of us to help save precious lives. If each of us make one very small effort to raise awareness together we can make a HUGE impact!

If you are currently thinking to yourself (like I did for so long) “How do I help save the animals? I have no money to donate.” make sure to follow along over the coming weeks ahead. In future posts I’ll be explaining the simple FREE ways I myself help support the rescue of our furry friends daily.


Play 4 PawZ founder

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