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Beyond the obvious of spreading the word about Play 4 PawZ and our beneficiaries there are a bunch of other ways to help save our furry friends. Sitting in your living room tweeting about orgs, watching and liking YouTube videos or getting out in your community and volunteering are just a few ways to help. YES, you really can help save precious lives by watching and liking YouTube videos!! There are several channels out there that make money for rescues through YouTube.

My personal favorite is a channel called Vet Ranch. It was started by a vet (Dr. Matt) and has now grown to include other vets as well. Getting to see the animals treatment and healing is wonderful! Every case you see on the channel is 100% funded by the viewers through donations. Wait, don’t go anywhere, let me finish! The way you can help Vet Ranch save precious lives without donating is by watching, liking, commenting and spreading the word about Vet Ranch. I myself watch and like every single video they upload. I make sure when I like their videos that it’s Tweeted out to my followers on Twitter. The more of us that see and share these videos the more awareness we bring to the cause. It takes maybe 10 minutes out of your day. 10 minutes, that’s it! They don’t even upload a video every day. Here is the link to their channel:


If you’re interested in following them on other social medias here are the links:


Twitter: @VetRanch


Play 4 PawZ Founder


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