Have we got a Play Gears 4 PawZ exclusive for you!?


Listen up Gears fans, because we have got some amazing prizes lined up for you! We are so excited to reveal the first wave of prizes for Play Gears 4 PawZ generously donated by Octus and the team over at The Coalition.

Confirmed so far:
3x Marcus SDCC Exclusive Pop! Vinyl
3x Phoenix Omen T-Shirts

3x RTJ Pins and Physical Gear Pack combo prize

We’ll also have some Rockstar and Totino’s codes collected by the team and the generosity of our supporters, full lists will be available soon.

It doesn’t end there though, we’re waiting on confirmation of more prizes to add to the mix but we wanted to share the #GearsHype with you guys as soon as possible.

Whilst our Play Gears 4 PawZ event is not a charity push, we are asking winners of the prizes to make a nominal donation to the charity of their choice below (This is not mandatory and in no way affects your chances of winning).

To donate to First Coast No More Homeless Pets (US) Please click here
To donate to The Animal House Rescue (UK) Please click here

Of course, if anyone would like to make a donation, we always appreciate any help, these charities run 24/7, 365 days of the year and need constant support. Our links are always open.

*Marcus SDCC Exclusive Pop! Vinyl image for illustration purpose only and may differ.

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