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CaLL Me eSports


This year we are joined in our quest to help save precious lives by our newest sponsor, Call Me Esports. We had a chance to ask Ben, founder of Call Me, some questions about the organization recently. Here are our questions and his answers. Please take a few minutes and learn a bit about an Esports team that cares for the animals as much as we here at Play 4 PawZ and all of our supporters do!

When was Call Me Esports Founded? 

CaLL Me was founded officially in 2016 back in July however I have been playing under the name CaLL Me since I created my Xbox LIVE profile.

What was the motivation behind founding Call Me? 

There were elements of both passion and business when I was thinking of creating the organisation but the initial idea and drive came from pure passion. I was and still am a huge Gears fan and it was the idea of helping gamers like myself when I was competing, both 18+ and youth teams to start their career in gaming was also a big part of it. I used to play under an organisation until they closed and it felt amazing to be representing a name so I decided I would create my own organisation under the name I have always played under, CaLL Me. The plan was to grow, do things differently in an attempt to stand out and ultimately try to become a power house in global esports and this year is the main start for the drive to be bigger.

How did you come up with the name Call Me?

So I was given the nickname “Savage” when I was around 21 and it grew popular and stuck so a lot of my friends were just calling me Savage (Do you see where this is going yet). It started when someone would say, “what’s your name or what’s your nickname” etc. And the whole Mr. Ludlow and I would think my Dad is Mr. Ludlow so and I would respond with “call me Ben” which in Xbox terms translated to call me Savage and then I added the capitalisation and landed on ‘CaLL Me’.

What games does Call Me compete in?

We have two roster in Gears of War and Counter Strike but I would really like to be competing in:


  • Call of Duty
  • Fifa
  • Halo
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six

Are there plans to expand teams or games? 

Absolutely, I am always looking to expand and grow the brand, organisation and sign teams from all corners of the world. Right now we have just gained another sponsor which I am really happy about but in terms of expanding I’ve been analysing some of the ideas I have had and now I am working with my friends so that we can look to execute the next steps.

How many players are there for Call Me?

4 in Counter Strike

5 in Gears of War and we have a coach

I have several members of staff that have helped massively and I have plans to push them this year and developing their roles.

PC or consoles? 

I am a console player myself however I love PC esports too. I could watch Counter Strike for hours and hours. There are some amazingly skilled players out there. I have no restrictions when picking up teams when it comes to platform.

What brands does Call Me use/prefer? 

CaLL Me is proudly sponsored by @GamersApparel @OnlineKeyStore @ZipBuddy @CriticalGrips & @CinchGaming and we have another that I am yet to announce but is due imminently.


  • When it comes to controllers I would say Cinch Gaming, a company that has innovated in the design of controllers having worked and released their own ergonomic design and mobile app and mapping technology.


  • All of our apparel comes from Gamers Apparel, a company based in the UK that have a reputation for delivering on briefs and designs and not only do they have great customer service their products are of really high quality.


  • For anything where I am looking for Xbox LIVE subscriptions, game add-ons and cd keys I always go to Online Key Store. This is simply because some of their product is competitively priced, swift delivery and easy to use. They have over 90k followers so its not just me that sees this.


  • ZipBuddy were my first sponsors and I am simply in love with their product! Everyone else that I have shown it to have said how awesome the zip pulls are and have instantly wanted one


  • All our grips come from Critical Grips, I and some of my closest friends have tested their items and we were all really happy. Their customer service is great too.


I would really like my organisation to keep gaining sponsors, especially in gaming headsets, keyboards, monitors and chairs. As it grows I would like to think we will be approached.

Do the staff of call me have any pets? Rescue pets?

Yes, I have 3 cats with my partner, two of which are 8 and are hers and the third is now 2 years old, a little ginger and is so much fun and accident prone so has cost us a fortune in vet fees haha. Most of my friends have pets and a lot of those are rescue.

How did Call Me hear about Play 4 PawZ? 

Play4PawZ reached the CaLL Me doors through being in the Gears of War community and developing relationships with some of the members I share the same passions with.

What made Call Me want to sponsor PawZ?

As well as supporting other charitable causes and because my aim is to stand out and be different, I wanted to do get involved with Play4PawZ. Its the team behind the name that are so passionate and make it happen and I wanted to be able to give back. I completely support the work that is done and the charities hard work to help animals that need love and have no homes so the opportunity to sponsor was met with passion and enthusiasm to get involved.

Please feel free to check out Call Me’s website and follow on Twitter. Lets show another awesome sponsor some love!



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