The ‘GIMME 5’ Raffle

This raffle has been created to allow as many people as possible donating a chance at a prize, so even if you only donate $1/£1 you have a chance to win something.

We have done this by limiting this section of the raffle to a maximum of five entries per donator. To put simply, anyone donating $5/£5 or less gets a shot in this category, however the maximum amount of tickets anyone will be allocated in this category is 5 ($1/£1 = 1 ticket etc).

Thanks to a Play 4 PawZ supporter the prizes for this raffle are as follows:

There is one of each of the following. (THESE CODES MAY BE REGION LOCKED)

 1. Last Guardian (DIGITAL) for PS4

 2. God of War 3 (DIGITAL) for PS4

 3. Twisted Metal Black (DIGITAL) for PS4

 4. Pokemon Trading Card Game (DIGITAL) for 3DS

 5. Skate 3 (DIGITAL) for Xbox One

You can enter this raffle by donating. Please remember each donation helps save precious lives. 

$5 – $1 to First Coast No More Homeless Pets.



£5 – £1 to The Animal House Rescue




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