Cats vs Dogs

01 Play 4 PawZ 2017 Gears of War 4 Cats vs Dogs

Back by popular demand, our fan favourite Cats vs Dogs is now confirmed for #PawZ2017

Team Cat, headed up by xReviveMeFoolx will face Team Dog guarded by Mad Dog Malcs, this is our 5th year and the scores currently sit at 4-0 to Dogs! will 2017 be the year that the ‘cats came back’ or will it simply be a case of ‘who let the dogs out!?’

Watch this space for event and team updates as they happen!

xReviveMeFoolx, Br4inDead, Bumble8eeTuna, xReign187x, Loryat

Mad Dog Malcs, McCraken5, DowninFlames85, SouLStitcH, FuturisticBlade


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