Cats vs Dogs is Live!

01 Play 4 PawZ 2017 Gears of War 4 Cats vs Dogs

Our fan favourite Cats vs Dogs is up next! This is our 5th year and the scores currently sit at 4-0 to Dogs! will 2017 be the year that the ‘cats came back’ or will it simply be a case of ‘who let the dogs out!?’

We’re live on All donation links are now live!

Team Cat, headed up by xReviveMeFoolx will face Team Dog guarded by Mad Dog Malcs,

xReviveMeFoolx, Br4inDead, Bumble8eeTuna, xReign187x, Loryat

Mad Dog Malcs, McCraken5, DowninFlames85, SouLStitch, FuturisticBlade

First Coast No More Homeless Pets
Located in Jacksonville Florida USA. FCNMHP has several programs that save lives, helps keeps furries with their families and has reduced the euthanasia rate in Jacksonville. Their efforts have recently made Jacksonville Florida a No Kill community meaning 90% of the animals that come into the cities shelters come out ALIVE. You can visit their website here to learn more.


The Animal House Rescue
Located in Birmingham, UK. They hold some of the same standards as First Coast No More Homeless Pets. What sets them apart from other rescue groups is that they do not have a shelter. Instead every animal they help is placed into a foster home. This makes sure every animal is ready for a new home and family. They also have a feral cat-neutering program very similar to the program First Coast has.
You can visit their website here.


Watch this space for event updates!

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