Play 4 PawZ 2017 Prize Raffle Livestream. Important Date Change Please Read!

06 Play 4 PawZ 2017 Sunday Sessions Prize Stream v2

Sunday 4th June 2017 :: 4pm PDT :: 6pm CDT :: 7pm EDT :: 5th June :: 12am BST

Hi Everyone, thank you so much for all your donations to this years Play 4 PawZ 2017 event supporting First Coast No More Homeless Pets (US) and The Animal House Rescue (UK).

Firstly, let me reassure everyone that the donations you have made via PayPal are safe and accounted for, every donation goes straight into the account of the beneficiary, we handle no transactions here at PawZ.

As you may be aware from watching the livestream, we were having a few problems with Streamlabs, the notification service used to keep track of our donators. This was a technical problem on Streamlabs side and nothing we could do to prevent. We have been in contact with them and they have assured us that the problem is now being resolved.

What does this mean?
During the livestream, people were donating and their names were not being refreshed along the  bottom of the screen, obviously those people contacted us and we were able to run some tests ourselves during the event and there was indeed a problem.

We now believe we have a full list of everyone that donated, however to be safe we are postponing the Prize Draw for a week to give any notifications that may still be stuck in the system time to come through and allow us to cross check with the beneficiaries that the amounts tally.

Let me please stress that the donations you have made are safe and the beneficiaries have your donations, this is simply an issue with the notification system and not in any way connected with payments.

If you have any concerns or would just like a bit of peace of mind that your donation has been counted towards the raffle please send us a photograph or copy of your PayPal confirmation email to Please do not send us any personal information for your PayPal account, ensure that anything you send has this information omitted.

We are sorry for any inconvenience the new date causes, if you cannot make the livestream you will be notified via the contact email associated with your payment should you win anything. We will also provide a full list of the winners on here.

Thank you and kind regards, Malcs
(on behalf of the Play4PawZ team)

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