Play 4 PawZ Update

PawZ-is-5Hi Everyone

Firstly sorry its been a while since we got in touch with you all, usually about this time of year we are holding our annual Play 4 PawZ event so we wanted to reach out and keep everyone up to date with what is going on.

This year has been a tricky one for us for various reasons and as a team we didn’t feel we had the time to devote to PawZ 2018 offering the quality that you are used to and deserve so we decided to take a year out to work on a rebranding and look at new streaming methods which would enhance the viewing and donating process.

We are working hard behind the scenes and are now planning our PawZ 2019 event, contacting sponsors and working out a fun schedule of events for you all.

In the meantime the charity work of our beneficiaries continues so please feel free to support them using the following buttons.



We hope you understand and will stay with us. Looking forward to keeping you all updated soon starting with out new, cuter, friendlier logo

All the best from the Play 4 PawZ team.

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