About Us

Play 4 PawZ is a 24 hour International gaming charity event benefiting First Coast No More Homeless Pets in the US and The Animal House Rescue in the UK.

Started in 2013 by Nuka (xReviveMeFoolx) under the name of Overrun 4 PawZ (24 hours of Gears of War) and heavily supported by GearZ and Beers we have grown year by year, something we could not have hoped to do without the continued support of our sponsors and followers. We have expanded on our gaming events to include many XBox 360 and Xbox One favourites including Gears of War, Titanfall, Rocket League, Plants vs Zombies, Star Wars Battlefront, Borderlands, Halo and Gotham City Impostors. This library will continue to expand into 2018.

The entire 24 hour event is livestreamed on twitch.tv/play_4_pawz.

Interested in helping, becoming a sponsor or just want to know more? Feel free to get in touch. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram or email us at play4pawz@gmail.com.

Play 4 PawZ Team:
We have a small but dedicated team working behind the scenes, if you want to connect with us or find out more checkout the links below:

Nuka (Founder, Motivator, Bears Fan and Event Organiser)
XBox GT: xReviveMeFoolx :: Twitter :: YouTube :: Twitch

Mad Dog Malcs (Pretty Stuff, The Batman and Event Organiser)
XBox GT: Mad Dog Malcs :: Twitter :: Facebook :: YouTube :: Twitch

Br4inDead (Stream Genius, Deadpool Fan and Twitch Manager)
XBox GT: Br4inDead :: Twitter :: YouTube :: Twitch

Loryat (O’Canada, Toronto Maple Leafs/Blue Jays Fan and Forum Manager)
XBox GT: Loryat :: Twitter :: YouTube :: Twitch

GearZ and Beers (Long Time Supporters and Good Time Guys and Girls!)
BumbleBeeTuna (Founder) :: Reign (The Hand) :: Dutch (The Hero) :: Twitter :: Facebook :: YouTube

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