We’re streaming >>> Rocket League!

Play 4 PawZ 2017 Rocket League Stream

Join us tonight (Friday 20th October) from 7pm CDT for some ‘just for fun’ Rocket League where we’ll be checking out the new Rocket League Halloween features and a whole lot more!

As always we’ll be livestreaming on twitch.tv/play_4_pawz. Everyone is welcome to play, just shout up in the stream and we’ll get you in as soon as we can. (check your local times here).

This is not a charity push but just to remind you, our two beneficiaries are First Coast No More Homeless Pets (US) and The Animal House Rescue (UK), The donation links are always live and we welcome any donations throughout the year. All donations go directly to the charities, no money is handled by the Play 4 PawZ team, we are 100% non-profit.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets
Located in Jacksonville Florida USA. FCNMHP has several programs that save lives, helps keeps furries with their families and has reduced the euthanasia rate in Jacksonville. Their efforts have recently made Jacksonville Florida a No Kill community meaning 90% of the animals that come into the cities shelters come out ALIVE. You can visit their website here to learn more.


The Animal House Rescue
Located in Birmingham, UK. They hold some of the same standards as First Coast No More Homeless Pets. What sets them apart from other rescue groups is that they do not have a shelter. Instead every animal they help is placed into a foster home. This makes sure every animal is ready for a new home and family. They also have a feral cat-neutering program very similar to the program First Coast has. You can visit their website here to learn more.


Thank you!

Play 4 PawZ Hurricane Irma Appeal Event Poster


A huge thank you to all our supporters who joined in with the weekends event supporting First Coast No More Homeless Pets in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Together we raised $301.17, pretty good going for an event organised in just under two weeks and always we couldn’t have done it without the support of our sponsor Elgato Gaming and of course you guys, on behalf of the PawZ team and FCNMHP thank you so much!

If you didn’t get a chance to join in at the weekend but still want to donate the link is still open, click on the button above to go straight through to the donation page. Donations go direct to FCNMHP, no money is handled by anyone at the PawZ team making us 100% non-profit. #HurricaneIrmaAppeal

Play 4 PawZ :: Hurricane Irma Appeal

Play 4 PawZ Hurricane Irma Appeal Event Poster


We’re just a few hours away from our Play 4 PawZ :: Hurricane Irma Appeal event supporting First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

Whilst Hurricane Harvey was devastating Houston, a second hurricane named Irma was born in the Eastern Atlantic. Irma, meaning war Goddess, decemated the French territories, Cuba, the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Barbuda but still had enough fuel in the tank to rip up Florida before marching on into Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennesse. Irma earned her title as the strongest hurricane ever recorded. This hurricane has taken everything from some including pets from families.

Our primary beneficiary, First Coast No More Homeless Pets is in Jacksonville Florida. First Coast and it’s partners work with their community and shelters in Jacksonville which has made Jacksonville a NO KILL community meaning 90% of the animals that enter the city shelters leave the shelters alive.

Now they need our help more than ever.

First Coast’s Norwood Avenue Clinic has been damaged and is closed until repairs can be made to reopen. In the wake Hurricane Irma First Coast is still helping shelters who also have suffered damage in the region as they work to get their own Norwood Avenue Clinic up and running.

In order to help with the costs associated with the effects of Irma we will be having a charity stream with all donations going to First Coast No More Homeless Pets. Florida pets and their families are in great need and together we can help save precious lives.

The charity stream will take place on September 29 from 6PM – 12AM CST and September 30 12PM – 6PM CST. This event will be livestreamed on Twitch and Mixer. We will be playing Rocket League, Destiny 2, Fortnite Battle Royale, Dead by Daylight and Cuphead. (Games may be subject to change).

Elgato Gaming has donated 2 Elgato HD60 S capture cards. A $50 donation will get the donator into a raffle for 1. For every $50 you donate you will get one entry.  All donations will go straight to First Coast No More Homeless Pets to help with the effects of hurricane Irma.

If you have any questions please contact us via Twitter @play4pawz

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/play_4_pawz
Mixer: https://mixer.com/Play4PawZ


Play 4 PawZ 2017 Prize Raffle Livestream. Important Date Change Please Read!

06 Play 4 PawZ 2017 Sunday Sessions Prize Stream v2

Sunday 4th June 2017 :: 4pm PDT :: 6pm CDT :: 7pm EDT :: 5th June :: 12am BST

Hi Everyone, thank you so much for all your donations to this years Play 4 PawZ 2017 event supporting First Coast No More Homeless Pets (US) and The Animal House Rescue (UK).

Firstly, let me reassure everyone that the donations you have made via PayPal are safe and accounted for, every donation goes straight into the account of the beneficiary, we handle no transactions here at PawZ.

As you may be aware from watching the livestream, we were having a few problems with Streamlabs, the notification service used to keep track of our donators. This was a technical problem on Streamlabs side and nothing we could do to prevent. We have been in contact with them and they have assured us that the problem is now being resolved.

What does this mean?
During the livestream, people were donating and their names were not being refreshed along the  bottom of the screen, obviously those people contacted us and we were able to run some tests ourselves during the event and there was indeed a problem.

We now believe we have a full list of everyone that donated, however to be safe we are postponing the Prize Draw for a week to give any notifications that may still be stuck in the system time to come through and allow us to cross check with the beneficiaries that the amounts tally.

Let me please stress that the donations you have made are safe and the beneficiaries have your donations, this is simply an issue with the notification system and not in any way connected with payments.

If you have any concerns or would just like a bit of peace of mind that your donation has been counted towards the raffle please send us a photograph or copy of your PayPal confirmation email to play4pawz@gmail.com. Please do not send us any personal information for your PayPal account, ensure that anything you send has this information omitted.

We are sorry for any inconvenience the new date causes, if you cannot make the livestream you will be notified via the contact email associated with your payment should you win anything. We will also provide a full list of the winners on here.

Thank you and kind regards, Malcs
(on behalf of the Play4PawZ team)

PawZ is 5!


This year Play 4 PawZ reaches its first major milestone, On the 26th May 2017 we’re celebrating our 5th year saving precious lives!

We felt we needed to mark the occasion with a 5 year logo and we’re pleased to be able to show it to you guys it today. The logo has not been designed to replace our existing identity, ‘PawZ Angels’ brings together a 5 year stylised heart image based on our own icon surrounding the pets we care so much about and all in the safety of the angel wings watching over our main logo and will be used for this year only.

The angel wings symbolise watchfulness and caring and also leads back to First Coast No More Homeless Pets own Angel Fund, something that we are forever in awe of.

We hope you like the new logo, for more information on #PawZ2017 head over to our main page and keep an eye on our news stories, facebook and Twitter for updates.

PawZ Angels

Watch our ‘PawZ Angels’ Mad Dog and Nuka take on Act 2, Chapter 4 of the Gears of War 4 campaign for a first run through, we had a lot of fun on this one so thought we’d share it with you!

It’s not the smoothest run through you’ll ever see, but the commentary might be the funniest!

WARNING: Contains some rude words!
Don’t forget to like and subscribe… for the furries!

PawZ 2016 Prize Raffle

07 Play 4 PawZ 2016 Sunday Sessions Prize Stream


Our Prize Raffle will be drawn live during the GzB Sunday Sessions tonight!
4pm PDT :: 6pm PDT :: 7pm EDT :: 12am BST (23rd May)

We’ve got some amazing prizes on offer, if you haven’t been able to donate yet and want a chance at winning one of them you can still donate and be eligible for the raffle right up to an hour before we start. Full prize list here.

During the stream we will be playing open lobbies of Gears of War Ultimate Edition and rotating as many of you in as possible.

Good luck everyone and thanks for the amazing support you’ve given us!

We Did It!

Play 4 PawZ 2016 We Did It!

24 hours, so much fun, laughter and all for two amazing charities! Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored, donated, contributed and played, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Final totals at the end of the livestream:
$2,088.59 First Coast No More Homeless Pets £364.56 The Animal House Rescue

It’s not too late to enter the prize raffle, we’ll be taking donations right up to an hour before we start for a chance to win one of our amazing prizes donated by our sponsors and supporters. Full list here! Of course you can still donate after that, you just won’t be entered into the raffle.

To donate to First Coast No More Homeless Pets (US) please click HERE
To donate to The Animal House Rescue (UK) please click HERE

The final total will be announced in our prize stream which starts in just 20 hours time! Please join us whether you have donated or not for more fun when we’ll be playing open lobbies in one of the games from the event!

For now it’s goodnight and a huge thanks from everyone at the Play 4 PawZ team!