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First Coast No More Homeless Pets is a veterinarian service in Jacksonville, Florida with the mission to end the killing of dogs and cats in shelters in their community and across the nation.

First Coast practices a multifaceted approach to pet overpopulation by combining free and low-cost spay/neuter, adoption events and innovative pet retention services. Working with their local animal welfare groups to reach those who need help to keep their pets in caring, loving homes.

Since 2002 they facilitated more than 170,000 pet sterilizations in the First Coast area. This has stimualted an overall reduction in shelter pet intake, as well as a more than 90% decrease in the number of animals being euthanized.

In April 2009, FCNMHP opened a high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter clinic, located in the Joseph A. Strasser Animal Health and Welfare Building, to facilitate the needed increase in surgeries. The clinic is designed with the capacity for up to 200 daily sterilizations, making it one of the highest volume clinics in the country when at full capacity.

To help support low-cost and free spay/neuter programs they also provide affordable pet health care. They offer vaccinations, testing, microchipping, flea and heartworm preventive, dental cleanings, and other treatments in their veterinary clinic.

FCNMHP also opened the Jacksonville Pet Food Bank in March 2010, giving qualified low-income families pet food so that they may keep their pets in this challenging economy. More than 700,000 pounds of food have been distributed to more than 7,500 pets and that number increases annually.

All of these life saving programs have helped make Jacksonville a no kill community meaning that 90% of the animals that enter the communities shelters come out alive.


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The Animal House Rescue are a small Birmingham based rescue which takes in unwanted, abused and abandoned animals. All the animals that go into their care are treated for fleas, ticks, mites and worms and also have a full veterinary check up, they are neutered if over 6 months, and inoculated before going to their new homes.

There are no kennels, all the animals taken into care are fostered enabling them to see the animals behaviour in a home environment, then any problems are dealt with and the animal can be re-homed to the most appropriate place. All prospective adopters are home-checked.

The Animal House rescue also runs a feral cat-neutering program. Feral cats are humanely trapped, the females are spayed and the males are castrated. The cats are then released back to where they came from as hardly any feral cats become tame. Those that do are re-homed. This helps to cut down on the number of kittens born each year, which will in turn keep the colony going.

All their work is done with the aid of donations and street collections with all money collected going to pay for food and their massive veterinary bills.


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