FCNMHP Needs us now more than ever!




As almost everyone is aware right as Hurricane Harvey was devastating Houston, a second hurricane named Irma was born in the Eastern Atlantic. Irma, meaning war Goddess (and oh boy was she) decemated the French territories, Cuba, the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Barbuda but still had enough fuel in the tank to rip up Florida before marching on into Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennesse. Irma earned her title as the strongest hurricane ever recorded. This hurricane has taken everything from some including pets from families…. It’s caused destruction in one form or another everywhere it’s gone.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets is in Jacksonville Florida. In case you are unaware let me Bring you up to speed… First Coast No More Homeless Pets is the U.S. org we support every year. First Coast and it’s partners work with their community and shelters in Jacksonville which has made Jacksonville a NO KILL community meaning 90% of the animals that enter the city shelters leave the shelters alive.

Now they need our help more than ever.

First Coast’s Norwood Avenue Clinic has been damaged and is closed until repairs can be made to reopen. In the wake of the historic flooding in the region First Coast is still helping shelters who also have suffered damage in the region even as they work to get their Norwood Avenue Clinic up and running.

In order to help with the costs associated with the effects of Irma we will be having a charity stream with all donations going to First Coast No More Homeless Pets. Florida pets and their families are in great need and together we can help save precious lives.

The charity stream will take place on September 29 from 6PM – 12AM CST and September 30 12PM – 6PM CST. This event will be live streamed on Twitch and Mixer. We will be playing Rocket League, Destiny 2, Dead by Daylight and Cuphead. Games are subject to change.

Elgato Gaming has donated 2 Elgato HD60 S capture cards. A $50 donation will get the donator into a raffle for 1. For every $50 you donate you will get one entry.  All donations will go straight to First Coast No More Homeless Pets to help with the effects of hurricane Irma.

If you have any questions please contact us via Twitter @play4pawz

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/play_4_pawz

Mixer: https://mixer.com/Play4PawZ


Cats vs Dogs …The battle continues!

02 Play 4 PawZ 2016 Cats vs Dogs

#PawZ2016 just wouldn’t be the same without its signature event, the age old battle of Cats vs Dogs.

Held during our Gears of War section we devote an hour of this time to this event. Dogs are in the lead 3-0, can #TeamCat claw it back and get a win this year or will #TeamDog slobber over their hopes once again? Tune in on Twitch to find out!

This year we’re adding an extra twist in the tail, We want you to take part in a few games with us …but who will you fight for, #TeamCat or #TeamDog?

We’ll run the first three matches as normal for the title but for a ‘bonus point’ we’ll finish off the hour getting as many of you guys in alongside the team as we can, the overall team winner of these matches after the hour finishes will get a point, maybe it will be 5-0, 3-2 or 4-1 only you can help decide!

To join in message us on twitter choosing one of the following:

Team Cat
@Reign187 @Play4PawZ @xReviveMeFoolx @MadDogMalcs I want to pound the pooches and fight for #TeamCat in #PawZ2016

Team Dog
@MadDogMalcs @Play4PawZ @Reign187 @xReviveMeFoolx I want to cream the kitties and fight for #TeamDog in #PawZ2016